Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Student Reflection (Bethlehem YMCA)

Day three of the 1742 Experience was filled with fun and laughter as our group spent the day at the Bethlehem YMCA. In the morning, we spent some of our time preparing food for an upcoming brunch for the Silver Sneakers, a senior citizen group that participates in health and wellness activities. Some of us rearranged the lounge area where we would sit while others sliced bagels and fruit. Later, our whole group went to join in on an exercise class for the Silver Sneakers. However, instead of helping them with their routine, they taught us the work out moves. We were marching in place, stepping from side to side, and having a great time. It was amazing to see everyone in the room smiling and laughing. Soon we left the class and had brunch with the Silver Sneakers. We chatted and mingled with the others in the room and discovered that we were even among a few Moravian alumni.


In the afternoon, we visited a class of kindergarteners. Everyone quickly mingled with the kids and started to join in on the activities that the students were taking part in. Some of us helped the children to color or build towers while others joined in on a dance party to the “Cha-Cha Slide” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Seeing the smiles on the faces of the kindergarteners was a rewarding experience and everyone enjoyed the day at the YMCA.

On our walk back to Moravian's campus, Sasha and Tom stopped us and told us that they had a surprise for us. The surprise was a scavenger hunt that we had to complete. After dividing into two teams, we all started running down Main Street where we had to find and take pictures of various things such as an armada of ducks, a witch’s hat and Christmas carolers. After completing our list, we returned to Sasha and Tom where they told us we had one more task. We were to meet Sam at a mystery location. We were given clues and eventually found her at Stations. The whole group enjoyed a frozen treat there, and then headed back to Moravian to end the day.


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