Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bethlehem YMCA--Another Perspective on The 1742 Experience

Below are excerpts from an email sent by a staff member of the Bethlehem YMCA regarding The 1742 Experience.

"This week we are blessed to have 10 new freshmen from Moravian who are part of the 1742 Project- a week of community service before the rest of the freshmen arrive. This morning they arrived early, set up the lounge in a cozy fashion, fixed bagels, fruit, coffee, juice, etc." 

"They attended an hour long SilverSneaker exercise class with our seniors and joined with them for a brunch. They all mingled, hung out, talked and shared."

"These last two hours they have been playing with the kindergarten class- all  30 of them! They led a dance party with the kids and had a ball."

"There were smiles all around all day. The seniors loved them and the 5 year olds loved
them. They. Were. Wonderful!! Great kids. They are welcome back any time. Lots of bonding with 90 year olds and 5 year olds!"

 And the connections from Moravian College abound...

"I saw a 90 year old Moravian grad sharing a bagel and fruit and giving a hug to a brand new freshman!"


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